About Us

Resulting from joint efforts of a group of twenty leading building materials manufacturers in China, Affordable Home Products is dedicated to providing the commercial and residential real estate markets with the most cost effective, high quality, and reliable supply of large range of building products. 

Founded in late 2009 in Kansas City, the company has quickly marketed its broad range of products into three market segments: US based manufacturer, Home Improvement Retailer, Builders and Distribution Companies. 

Affordable Home Products offers product design, marketing, sales, inventory management, logistics, warehousing services, and operates a factory direct distribution center and large show room facilities in Kansas City. 

The company features a comprehensive product suite to catch the volume sales and deliver significant savings to customers. Through product qualification specialist, new products are tested and certified by accredited test labs and organizations. 

Unique Value Proposition

The company began as a sourcing house tailored for one step distributor (Stock Building Supply and BMC West) and Manufacturing Builders (Centex) for 5 years until the end of 2009. The sourcing team in China consolidates multiple products in one container for direct shipment. Currently 10 employees are located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Beijing. 

None of the manufacturers has any exclusive sales arrangement with anyone other than with Affordable Home Products. The company has exclusive distribution rights from several manufacturers and can sell to anyone in North America. Among the three customer segments, builders and distributors are considered as priority at this time. Strategically located distribution center may reach builders and distributors located from Denver to Indianapolis, and from Minneapolis to Houston by overnight shipment. 

Economy of scale will be achieved by multiple product lines, larger volume and inventory management at both Chinese manufacturer’s facility and the Kansas warehouse. Low cost in Kansas enhances operational competitiveness. 

Always ahead of the competition
Positioning as a manufacturer direct distribution center, the Company caters to customers, by offering specialty products and services. Its manufacturers sales team will gain insight of potential of product innovation, and the resulting sales leads, allowing the company to act promptly to embrace the innovation requirements. With constant focus on creating a business model to meet the needs of the current building industry, the Company can uphold a central role in the coming construction rebound. 

Company Summary:
Affordable Home Products operates a factory direct distribution center and large show room facilities in Kansas City. It offers the most cost effective, high quality, and reliable supply of kitchen cabinets, countertops, sink, and tiles for kitchen and bath improvement projects to nationwide distributors, contractors and builders. 

Affordable Home Products is looking for a Sales Manager that will interact with architects, distributors, contractors, builders to influence the specification and purchase of commercial and residential product lines. We are seeking a strong sales manager that can meet or exceed sales budget with regard to price, volume, and mix as well as interact and partner with other authorized distributors to drive improved business results.